Editable Instagram Template Bundle For Canva

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Welcome to the Instagram Template Bundle for Bloggers And Influencers– perfect for getting your brand noticed on Insta! 

With this Editable Instagram canva bundle, you can create dozens of engaging posts with minimal effort and drastically reduce the time spent designing social media content. Our custom-made templates are perfect for Canva, making the design process easy and quicker than ever.

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The range of available designs is wide, giving you flexibility over the look and feel of your Instagram page. Keep it consistent and eye-catching with stunning visuals and compelling messages that resonate with your followers.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in repetitive technical tasks that can take away from building key relationships with customers. Get back more time in your day by using Instagram Template Bundle for Bloggers And influencers that have been pre-formatted specifically for Canva. 

What will you receive:
You will receive 729 templates overall. 

  • 60 Interior Design Instagram Template 
  • 30 Food Instagram Post Template
  • 60 Lash Instagram Template 
  • 53 Coach Instagram Post Template  
  • 42 Real Estate Instagram Post Template 
  • 65 Fitness Instagram Template 
  • 51 Podcast Instagram Template
  • 61 Travel Agent Instagram Template 
  • 25 Retro Instagram Canva Post Template 
  • 25 Nutrition Instagram Post Template 
  • 50 Black and Gold Instagram Post Template 
  • 26 Health Coach Instagram Post Template  
  • 10 Life Coach Instagram Carousel Template  
  • 10 Coaches Instagram Carousel Template 
  • 10 Luxury Instagram Carousel Template  
  • 10 Boho Instagram Carousel Template 
  • 10Beauty Instagram Carousel Template 
  • 19 Ladyboss Quote Instagram Template  
  • 70 Self Love Quote Instagram Template 
  • 42 Lead Magnet Instagram Post Template

Who are these templates for?

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  • Ig Canva Bundle
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  • Business Coach
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  • Boost Your Feed
  • Instagram Stories

Standard benefits:

  • Time-saving design
  • Develop your company more quickly than before.
  • Establish a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram presence.
  • Engage followers with posts that are on-brand and visually appealing.
  • Invest more time in creating enduring relationships with your customers.

What can you edit?

All of our social media templates are editable in Canva for FREE! After purchasing, you can go to canva.com and create a free account to edit your templates.

Edit text: font, size, and color

Edit photos: size, filters, type, etc.

Add or delete: elements and designs


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Editable Instagram Template Bundle For Canva
Editable Instagram Template Bundle For Canva
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