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Providing you the stellar level still life at Snapybiz.
Transform your blog with these amazing, high-quality images from SnapyBiz. These can be used on your site, social media, or anywhere you like or prefer.

 The collection of stock photos at SnapyBiz are all high-quality images for you to use wherever you prefer according to the purchasing agreement.
We believe that the professional-looking images possess the power of diverging and diverting more people to your site and when the stock images are delivered with love it all goes well.

What do you get?

  • Instant digital download
  • Each product is exactly the size mentioned in the description
  • The image format used in each product is jpg, same for stock photos
  • Purchasing the image means you are agreeing to the Privacy policy and terms

Terms & Condition: Image copyright 2019 SnapyBiz

Product license


  • You are allowed to use the images for designing your products for selling
  • You CAN display the purchased product on your site
  • You CAN use the purchased product to promote your business
  • You CAN sell unlimited designs with our products on it
  • You CAN create physical products and sell them
  • You CAN create Print on Demand (POD) products using the stock images
  • You CAN generate unlimited sales using the product


  • You CANNOT change the product details and sell as your own including bundles
  • You CANNOT return the product. Digital products DO NOT come with a return policy
  • You CANNOT resell, relicense, or redistribute the purchased product under any conditions
  • You CANNOT use the images in any defamatory manner
  • You are NOT allowed to sell images on any other platform
  • You CANNOT sell the same product with changes like color or theme

Legal Considerations:

Snapybiz remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright of the product.

Do let us know how you use our product, let us see your features, Tag #snapybiz or @snapybiz, will be appreciated.

Snapybiz shall not be liable for any claims related to or resulting from, your use of the images or any product purchased through Snapybiz which may or may not have been modified by you, or combined with other content.

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