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Social Media Bundle is wonderfully created to attract the eye of your new customers. Add your very own touch to the design by adding your very own image color. This pack is a snapybiz mega bundle including printable, Instagram, Pinterest, media kits, stock photos and  E-book cover.

Social Media Bundle accompanies customizable features so you can change the photos, text, and elements to suit your business message. Perhaps you might want to keep the content and simply change the pictures, it is up to you!



40 Page  Ramadan Planner
04 Page  Project Planner
04 Page Mini Homeschool Planner-Peach
04 Page Mini Homeschool Planner-Blue
10 Page College Planner
50 Page Easy Budget Planner
12 Page Student Planner
10 Page Meal Canva Planner
07 Page 7 Day Planner
05 Page Editable Finance Planner
01 Page Travel Printable
03 Page Finance Bill Tracker
01 Page Monthly Budget Planner
03 Page Easy Meal Planner
01 Page Monthly Goal Planner
03 Page Finance Planner
01 Page Weekly Planner
01 Page Schedule Planner
01 Page School Planner
30 Page Budget Planner Printable
05 Page Blogging Journal

Social Media Templates (Canva)

Instagram Template

20 Post Journey Instagram Travel Template
10 Post Safe Travels Instagram Template
10 Post Vanilla and Coffee Instagram Template
10 Post Rose Abstract Instagram Template
10 Post Skyline Instagram Template
12 Post Data Instagram Template
15 Post Another Fall collection Instagram Template
12 Post Instagram Ready Template
15 Post Pink Ombre Instagram Template
10 Post Winter is coming instagram post template
10 Post Bake the pace Instagram Story Template
12 Post Prime Instagram Story Template

Pinterest Template

10 Pins Peach Marble Pinterest Template
15 Pins Pink Foodies Pinterest Template
10 Pins Yellow Marble Pinterest Template
10 Pins Travel Blogger Pinterest Template
10 Pins Peach Ombre Pinterest Template
20 Pins Vintage Pinterest Template
15 Pins Vibrant Video Pins Template
20 Pins Vintage x Fall Pinterest Template
20 Pins Pretty and Vibrant Pinterest Template
20 Pins Perfect Mommy Blogger Pinterest Template
10 Pins Pretty Nerds Video Pinterest Template
10 Pins Holiday Shenanigan Pinterest Video Template

Ebook Cover (Canva)

10  Ebook Cover Template

Media Kit (Canva)

3 Page Red Glow Blogging media kit
3 Page Blue Glow Blogging Media Kit

Finance Excel SpreadSheet

Debt Payoff Tracker

Stock Photos

20x Break & Bake Stock Photos Bundle

Template Features

  • Easy to customize
  • Includes text & graphics sections
  • High-quality images
  • Post titles
  • Feature images
  • Montage post
  • Dividing posts
  • Free Stock Images
  • Different structured Posts
  • Aesthetic shots
  • Created on Canva
  • Instant download

How does it work? (For Printable)

  •  Buy this listing.
  •  After your payment is affirmed, download your files.
  •  Print your documents at home or send them off your nearby print shop.
  •  Appreciate using these over and over.

How does it work? (For Canva)

  • Make a free canva account.
  • Click on the download link provided at the end of this guide.
  • The link will redirect you to Canva.
  • Click on the use template.
  • This will create a copy of design and will be saved on your homepage.
  • Now you can edit your pictures and text as you want.

Use These For***

  • Imaginative Instagram photos
  • Quotes pictures for Instagram or Pinterest
  • Imaginative Blog photos
  • Styling your Facebook pictures
  • Sale Banners
  • Store announcement


  • No information on Photoshop or other complicated programming required.
  • Save time by arranging out a long time of content ahead of time.
  • Offer proficient looking posts.

Important Note

Please note that you are allowed to use the template or printable for yourself but you must not give them away for free or resell them in any way.


  • Please, remember that because of the nature of the item (digital products), I can’t accept any solicitations for refunds.
  • However, you can reach me for any inquiries or concerns, I would easily  help you.


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Social Media Bundle
Social Media Bundle
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