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Super Discounted Bundle Vol. 1

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Do you know what’s good? A Discount? Yes, but what’s better than that? All in one package! 

  • Kids Weekly Planner
  • Ebook Template
  • Yellow Marble Pinterest Template

Don’t you just love when things come in handy? When you buy one on one free deals. Well; Snapybiz brings you multiple bundles including our best selling and your favorite printables created by us; just for you! 

Bundle 1; The entire bundle is a collection of a printable; a book template and a whole yellow-themed Template for social media! 

1. Kids Weekly Planner

What’s the Size?

Moreover, all these printables are fit for your printer, so you can easily print them out whenever wanted per US letter size 8.5×11 inches.

This bundle is where you (and your family) will list their daily stuff;

  • Daily Check
  • Broad spaces for daily tasks
  • Check in the priorities
  • Notes
  • And more!

This is part one of several collections to come to help you organize your home. Printables are in fillable and editable PDF templates, so you can personalize with your own information.

2. Ebook Template

We know you’ve been on your way to help out a friend right their book or either you yourself are almost there finishing your very precious book!

The Ebook template is a very aesthetic cover made just right that fits every other human. Have a look! 

3. Yellow Marble Pinterest Template

We are totally obsessed with the yellow stuff, the number of yellow templates, printables, and stock photos on the site is the literal proof of how much we love to see this color. 

This template bundle includes 10 pins of customizable graphics. 

Size:  Each of the templates is 735×1102 px which is optimized for Pinterest.

This bundle will help you to attract more audience than usual because these are just created as per the Pinterest search type. More audience means more traffic and then there you go!

These Pinterest templates are created on Canva and can be edited with a free canva account. You can easily change the fonts, colors, and fit your own photos that suit the visuals.


All you need is a FREE CANVA ACCOUNT.

Terms:  All sales are final and non-refundable as these are digital files and delivered instantaneously. Use a valid email address to receive your bundle via mail.

Please download and make copies of all templates promptly. Links may not be valid after 30 days.


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