Dream Blogging Media Kit

Dream Blogging Media Kit


Being on the rough paths of the competitive blogging world, you need to stand out among thousands of other people. Be the odd one for good. Once you excel into the blogging realm you know how to get things done for you.
In order to get those PR packages and a splendid number of opportunities to connect with brands and create successful sponsorship agreements as a blogger, you need to have this media kit, exclusively created on canva!

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As it is created on Canva, it’s super easy to edit and use the way you want it to get that praise of your clients in both professional and polished way. 


All you need is a FREE CANVA ACCOUNT. 
Once you’ve made your purchase, you will be given access to a ZIP file containing everything you need. The ZIP contains a PDF with shareable links to the Canva templates. Just click the link, save a copy to your Canva account (this is important!), then start editing.


What’s Included?

  • Cover page

  • 4 digital sheets for your blog details

  • introduction

  • overview sheet/ demographics

  • stat overviews

  • youtube stats

  • blog stats i.e Audience Reach

  • Instagram stats

  • contact corner

  • Category spots

You don’t need to hire a designer or waste money and time in designing your media kit. It’s designed as per the requirements of a blogger.
As I said, its extremely easy to use this media kit, you need to add this to your cart and there you get a link to your Media kit, so do whatever changes you want to make.
Terms:  All sales are final and non-refundable as these are digital files and delivered instantaneously. Use a valid email address to receive your bundle via mail.
Please download and make copies of all templates promptly. Links may not be valid after 30 days.

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